Hello Happiness – Signed Paperback


Hello Happiness is the debut novel by Carrie McGovern. It is the first book in a series of inter-connected contemporary romance novels. It can be read as a stand-alone or in series order.  


A relatable, contemporary, easy read romance, located in the UK. With strong female characters and likeable friendships it’s easy to get caught up in the story.

Emma is on a journey to find her own self-worth, with a hot younger man along for the ride. Can she find her happiness? Can love win? Or is there too much standing in their way?

She’s a mother that’s being pushed too far, trapped by the shackles of her own making. Divorced, yet still controlled and not respected. With a crazy bunch of friends trying to pull her out of a rut, to make her realise she’s worth more. But it’s not that simple when you’ve lost yourself.

Then she met him, the chemistry between them is palpable but the odds are stacked against them. She has baggage and then some.

When she walked into that bar he was fascinated by her. He doesn’t do relationships, he doesn’t even engage with women. But this woman is something else and she doesn’t even know it. Can he be the one who saves her, does she even want him to? This can only end in heartbreak.

The series is based in the North East of England and is therefore written in UK English with some localised terminology.

Warning: This book contains sexual content and themes of an adult nature.

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