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Hello Mr Beckett is the second novel by Carrie McGovern. It is part of the Hello Series of inter-connected contemporary romance novels, full of friendship and fun and can be read as a stand-alone or in series order.


Hello Mr Beckett

An easy read romance, with relatable characters following the journey of Megan as she tried to work out what she wants from love. Located in the UK, with strong female characters and likeable friendships it’s easy to get caught up in the story.

In that moment Megan’s world came crashing down. How will she recover? Can her new start be untainted by the past? Will her friends be able to pull her through? Can she resist her new gorgeous boss?

She’s fighting to find herself again, constantly being forced to retell the nightmare, when all she wants is to forget the past. Supported by her friends, old and new, can she get through? He’s all kinds of gorgeous but he’s two people in one. One she wants, the other she can barely tolerate, and he’s her boss.

He’s steered by the indiscretions of the past, shackled by what’s expected of him. But the moment he sees her he’s hooked, she’s everything he shouldn’t have but everything he needs.

Megan’s had enough of being trapped, she’s taking back control and deserves so much more. Can love find a way? Or is there too much standing in their way?

The series is based in the North East of England and is therefore written in UK English with some localised terminology.

Warning: This book contains sexual content and themes of an adult nature.

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