Hello Handsome

The third book in the Hello Series is now live. The book follows Hannah who is independent and happy with the way her life is going, she doesn’t rely on anyone else. That is until she meets someone who turns everything upside down.

But can she be happy with a just friends situation? Or can he get over the hurt from his past to give her more?

Hello Series

A Series of inter-connected, standalone romance novels. Each book is a full story but with similar friendship groups.

Hello Happiness

Emma has lost herself. But with the help of her friends and a hot new man, she finds out what happiness can look like.

Hello Mr Beckett

Megan tries to rebuild her life from scratch after a disastrous relationship. A new job becomes a lifeline, until she meets her new boss.

Hello Handsome

Hannah is happy with her life, but finds some new friends that make life a whole lot better, but some come with more benefits.

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